Individual Counseling

Have you been feeling.....
Depressed?   Anxious?   Irritable?   Angry?   Stuck?     Confused?

Many times it helps to have an outside perspective on a personal problem.  An outside professional perspective can help you identify the issues causing your distress, understand why your attempts at solving the problem haven't met with the results you desire, and focus on improving your well-being.

How does therapy with Dr. Kerzhnerman work?

I'm not an expert on you.  I am an expert in psychology.  You are an expert on you with many years experience.  When we come together, our goal is to educate each other about each other's expertise.  I want to become more of an expert on you.  You want to become more of an expert in psychology.  When we learn, we ask questions.  So, in the process of learning more about you, questions are asked from a completely new point of view as to the nature and functions of your feelings, behaviors and actions.  As you try to answer those questions, you gain clarity in your own point of view.  Also, as you come across questions you just don't know how to answer yet, you can ask for my expertise in psychology to help you identify possible new perspectives on your situation.  In the end, we both come away with more insight and more knowledge of each other and ourselves.

Not sure if you're depressed?  Read more about depression.

When does being nervous become a problem?  Read more about anxiety.

Having concerns about your alcohol or drug use?  Read more about when it becomes a problem.

Feeling a lot of stress in your life? Read more about the importance of stress management.

Individual sessions usually last 45-50 minutes.  The frequency and length of therapy depends on the situation and individual needs. In many cases, your health insurance coverage applies. Please contact Dr. Kerzhnerman to make an appointment or to talk about your specific concerns.  

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