Couple's Counseling

Couples, both married and not, may seek help to deal with issues of communication, relationship building, trust, intimacy, jealousy, anger, or goal setting. 

While counseling at any stage can be helpful, it is most helpful when couples agree to address a problem before it becomes a crisis.  “The less broke it is…the less there is to fix.” 

Sometimes, one partner may be interested in couple’s counseling while the other is not. The truth is that one adult cannot make another adult do something they do not want to do.  However, many times the reluctant partner is hesitant due to some preconceptions about what counseling is like.  They may be afraid of being judged or blamed – or they may be concerned that therapy will make things worse and will result in the ending of the relationship.  It may help, in this case, to agree to attend one session.

The first session of couple’s counseling is a two-way interview.  Dr. Kerzhnerman will talk with you about the challenges you are facing and will try to get to know the situation.  You will interview Dr. Kerzhnerman and determine whether you feel comfortable discussing your relationship.  No one will be forced or pressured into making any commitments at that time. 

You should be prepared for some level of discomfort as talking about relationship problems to an outside person can be difficult.  The plan is that you leave the first session feeling understood, listened to and hopeful that things can improve.

Couple’s counseling sessions usually last 45-50 minutes.  The frequency and length of therapy depends on the situation and the couples’ needs.  In many cases, your health insurance coverage applies.

Please contact Dr. Kerzhnerman to make an appointment or to talk about your specific concerns.

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