How is Coaching Different than Counseling/Therapy?

Coaching is a process in which a specific goal is identified and the sessions are focused in a very concrete, practical, accessible way on fulfilling that goal. For example, people will seek coaching for:

  • Making a career decision or changing directions in a career
  • Improving communication in a relationship
  • Starting a new healthy habit (weight loss, smoking cessation, exercise, giving up an unhealthy habit)
  • Improving communications in the workplace or within a work team
  • Learning or improving on life skills (financial management, work/life balance, self-care)
The Coach's job is to help you create a plan, hold you accountable, assist with your motivation in completing your plan and offering you personalized support along the way to maximize your success.

While emotional issues or roadblocks can come up in this process, coaching focuses on addressing those issues to the extent that they affect the goal.  A deeper exploration of emotional issues, their historical context in your life and their resolution would be more appropriate for individual therapy/counseling.

Coaching is often accomplished through phone calls and video call sessions.  This allows you to address your goals from the comfort of your own home or office and without having the added commute time of coming to an appointment.  When appropriate, communications by e-mail and text messaging is also used.  In full consideration of your privacy, Dr. Kerzhnerman uses communication software encrypted to protect the privacy of all interactions.

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Kerzhnerman provides both coaching and individual counseling services.  The approaches applied in your plan will be individualized and personalized for your goals and needs.

Contact Dr. Kerzhnerman to discuss your goals and how they can be helped with Coaching.

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