What is your orientation or approach to therapy?

I work primarily from a cognitive-behavioral orientation but also include eclectic approaches depending on the person's needs. What that means is that I tend to focus on thoughts, feelings and behaviors in the here-and-now in an effort to try to bring about positive changes in the present. I talk about the past as it informs or influences the present. However, as every person who enters the office is different, I tailor my approach to what would best meet the individual's goals.

What are your areas of expertise?

I have expertise in the treatment of depression, anxiety, addictions, weight issue, relationships issues, grief and loss, and life planning.  I would be happy to discuss my expertise in your area of concern.

 Are you a licensed professional?

Yes.   You can  verify my credentials online.

Do you accept insurance? 

Insurance policies tend to be very specific about the services they will cover.  While I do accept a variety of insurances, please contact (954) 227-2700 with information about your specific plan and I will be happy to clarify whether my services would be covered under your plan.